Residential Mold Removal - Lake Charles

Residential Mold Removal in Lake Charles

Did you know that Americans are exposed to over 200 types of mold every day? While some are harmless, many of them can damage your home. If you notice a damp, musty odor or dark, discolored patches on your walls and floors, you may have a mold problem. 


At Enviro IES, we offer top-quality mold removal services to homeowners in Lake Charles. Since mold can lead to permanent structural damage and long-term health consequences for you and your family, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.


What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that’s often found in damp, wet environments. Unfortunately, it spreads rapidly and can wreak havoc on your home and health, making it important to remedy any mold damage that currently exists and stop future damage from recurring. The longer you wait to take care of mold in your home, the more serious problems you may experience. 


Signs of Mold In Your Home

If you’re unsure of if you have mold in your home, be on the lookout for these telltale signs of mold:



While mold can grow anywhere, it’s usually seen in bathrooms, kitchens, atticks, crawl spaces, carpets, water damaged flooring, laundry rooms, plumbing fixtures, and under sinks.


Why Invest in Professional Mold Removal

While there are many projects that make sense to DIY, mold removal is not one of them. To safely and effectively remove mold, you need specialized knowledge, years of experience, and access to advanced equipment. 


Our technicians have what it takes to not only resolve your mold issue but prevent it from recurring. We pair tried and true techniques with the state-of-the-art technology to leave your home clean and healthy. With Enviro IES by your side, you’ll save a lot of time, money, and headaches in the future. 


Why Choose Us

Fast Response Times You won’t have to wait for our service because our technicians will deliver mold removal and restoration services when you need them most.

Expert Team Thanks to their extensive knowledge, experience, training, and passion, our technicians are the best industry.

Cutting Edge Technology We use advanced technology to make sure we remove all traces of the mold from your home quickly and efficiently.

Unmatched  Customer Service Whether you have questions or would like a free estimate, our customer care representatives are always ready for you. 

Schedule Residential Mold Removal Services in Lake Charles Today

Enviro IES takes a comprehensive approach to mold removal to ensure your mold issues don’t continue. If you’re concerned about mold in your home or business or simply want to test your property for mold to get peace of mind, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!