Mold Removal

At Enviro Indoor Environmental Services, we are not only fully licensed and certified to perform mold removal, and remediation, EIES has been on the forefront of shaping of the mold remediation industry in the state of Louisiana. With more than 40 years of experience in the environmental cleanup industry, EIES’s trained professionals help businesses and homeowners eradicate mold quickly and completely.

Mold remediation takes highly trained and certified professionals as well as the right procedures and equipment specially designed for mold remediation. No matter how small the job is, you will want a professional mold remediation expert to perform the work to assure that all the mold is removed. Experts know that mold rapidly reproduces before it can be detected with the human senses. Attempting to clean the mold yourself could make matters worse. Call the experts at EIES if you suspect or know you have a mold problem.

Once the mold is professionally remediated our job isn’t done. Mold infested building materials need to be disposed of according to city, state and federal codes. Rely on the experts at EIES to completely remove and dispose of all your contaminated building materials properly.

EIES provides mold remediation and mold removal to the Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Lafayette, Monroe and Shreveport areas and beyond. Call our mold remediation experts today and find out how we can help you professionally eradicate mold in your indoor environment.