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Enviro Indoor Environmental Services specializes in trauma and biohazard cleaning with emergency response services to business and homeowners in Louisiana. EIES is compliant with all state and federal laws and regulations for the disposal of biohazardous materials and medical waste. Our professionals document from the initial pickup to the disposal, which is essential for state and federal regulatory compliance.

EIES’s highly-trained team approaches every situation with respect and professionalism. Our technicians exhibit empathy for everyone who may be feeling a loss.

Infectious Disease Control and Clean Up

EIES provides biohazard clean up businesses that have been exposed to infectious viruses or bacteria. Using EPA-registered chemicals, HEPA filtration, proven work practices and effective engineering controls, EIES professionals perform clean-up of all types of environments where infectious disease is spread including schools, medical facilities, hospitals, offices, factories, and homes.

Restoration Following A Tragedy

Exposure to biological contaminants can create serious health issues for homeowners and residents. These hazardous materials must be safely cleaned and removed by experienced and trained professionals in accordance with safety regulations.

EIES has experienced professionals that can respond immediately to these situations and will safely disinfect, remove, and dispose of the biohazardous materials according to state and federal regulations.

Our professionals know that cleaning up a trauma scene requires more than just hiring a cleaning company. It has to deal with the emotional upset and loss, and our technicians are dedicated to handling sensitive situations with the utmost professionalism.

Call us today for all your biohazard cleanup needs. We serve the following areas Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Shreveport, Monroe and Alexandria.