Residential Biohazard Services

Whether your home is exposed to biohazard contamination caused by trauma, hoarding, sewage backup or waste from uninvited pests, EIES is available 24/7 to help restore your property.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Tragedy can strike anywhere and at any time. Any bodily fluid, tissue or matter is considered a biohazard and that contaminated material should only be removed by certified personnel that utilizes the latest procedures and disposed of correctly. EIES serving the Lafayette, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Alexandria and Monroe areas specializes in biohazard remediation that removes all contaminated materials and leaves the area safe and ready for reuse.

In biohazard cleanup to do list:
1. Do not attempt to clean up the area yourself- it is not worth the risk.
2. Call our experts to assist you.
3. Keep the windows closed and the structure secure. EIES will handle the odor.
4. Do not sort through belongings until the area is made safe.

Hoarding, Pet or Pest Waste, Human Waste

EIES has been in the business of helping residents for more than 20 years. We field calls and questions from folks with all types of hoarder-related and other biohazard cleanup needs. We are in the business of finding solutions and restoring your home environment back to its normal condition.

Hoarding or other biohazard contamination caused by human or animal waste is a serious problem, and if not cleaned up can cause your property to be condemned for the following reasons:
• Increased risk of fire
• Decreased escape routes
• Increased indoor air pollutants – mold, mildew, radon, and carbon monoxide
• Increased risk of tripping or falling
• Possible structure collapse

EIES is dedicated to helping homeowners reclaim their lives and property. Ensuring the safety of your environment, our trained professionals will sanitize and restore your home enabling you to have a fresh start.

If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, your insurance may cover the restore costs. Each situation is different, and our professionals have been trained to assist homeowners through every step of the cleanup and restore process.

EIES technicians have provided 20 years of service to myriads of extreme clean-up and restoration projects, and we have the professional equipment necessary to quickly restore your home. Call us today for all your biohazard cleanup and restore needs.